“The only way to support a revolution is to make your own” – Abbie Hoffman, Woodstock Nation

Based in Birmingham, Iron Man Records provides a cultural outpost for musicians, writers and travellers in the arts.

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The Record label remains committed to inspiring and promoting Independent creativity and seeks to encourage residents and travellers in the arts to gather, record and present their cultural insights and experiences.

Iron Man Records has released recordings by: Morus, Kara, Police Bastard, John Sinclair, Robert Anton Wilson, Dufus, Wub Wainwright, P.A.I.N, Brassick, Steve Fly, TC Lethbridge, Sensa Yuma, Last under the Sun and works with many more.

Iron Man Records offers Tour Management Services, a Record Label, Birmingham Music Network, and a Music Rehearsal Space & Recording Studio.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” – The Cheshire Cat, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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Music Tour Management, Record Label, Music Network, Music Rehearsal Space & Recording Studio. If something happens, call me.